Friday, August 20, 2010

Halfway Done But So Many More Things to Eat

5 months. Halfway done. But I feel like I just started! After 4 months of feeling bad, going to bed at 7:30 and not seeing anyone other than Mike, my boss and occasionally my parents, I feel really good...physically. Although now I have another fun side-effect to deal with - serious mood swings.

But more on that in a minute.

First, we found out we're having a girl! I think the Doctor could tell from the ultrasound because she had a cell phone up to her ear and kept turning away from the camera because she needs her privacy, gawd!

We are really happy to be having a girl. We would have been happy with a boy too, of course, but now we're in total girl mode. Mike went from looking at eco-friendly, sleek, smart cribs to the most princessy, swirly, unreasonable ones.

I am also preparing for a girl; reading the Joy of Cooking so I can teacher her old family recipes, practicing the french braid, and sewing my name into all my favorite clothes.

A girl will be fun. Hopefully she'll have her dad's eyes, my ears and Jennifer Aniston's nose.

And now for the mood swings, my God, the mood swings. I can be totally normal one second, then crying like mad the next and then laughing hysterically the next. Poor Mike. Talking to me is like playing Russian roulette. You never know what kind of reaction you will get from me.

I also have crazy dreams which affect my mood the next day. For example, last night I dreamt that my family and I were at a smoothie shop. We all ordered a smoothie and everyone got one but me. I kept trying to ask where mine was and no one would respond. Plus, no one would help me get my smoothie. I had to yell and cry to the smoothie people but they just didn't care. And you know what you guys? I am teary eyed just writing about it right now. And it's so stupid!

But come on, all I want is a smoothie for God's sakes. Can't somebody help a girl out?

Luckily, I've been able to keep my emotions from spilling out of my mouth in public places...for the most part, anyway. Today Mike and I went to lunch and there was a long line and I was hungry, but fine, there's nothing I can do so I waited and tried to be patient. Then as we finally approached the font, a woman and her daughter who had already been through the line and received food Totally. Cut. In Front. Of Me.

Seriously. You don't do cutsies in front of a pregnant girl at lunch time. I started to say something but Mike stopped me. They got off lucky this time. They walked away with only mean looks to the backs of their heads and possibly a few whispered curse words.

Those are just examples of the circus that is going on my head. But I better leave it at that because I believe Mike just ate the last string cheese and I think we need to have "words."

Update: It wasn't Mike who ate the string cheese. He just pointed out the empty wrapper on my lap. So obviously someone came in the house, ate the cheese and tried to pin me with the blame. Right?


  1. Oh, poor Em, you can have my smoothie, cut in front of me, and I always have string cheese around. I'm glad you are having a girl too. I hope she is just like you.

  2. You are AWESOME...I look forward to your blogs so very much! You always manage to make me smile! Thank you!

  3. Yay, a girl! Congrats! You are so the bit about Jennifer Anniston's nose :)

  4. You crack me up!!!! Haha I seriously laughed like 10 times reading this post. That NEVER happens! I only cry while reading, not lol! No one better to portray a prego womens mind then a actual prego women! Once baby is out you will look back and laugh at your craziness! On mine and PJ's honeymoon I cried for a hour because he didn't get me crab legs! Good thing he got em the next day or we might not be married still. haha! So so awesome!! Haha I'm still smiling!