Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Funny

Lainey is 3 and a half months old. She changes everyday. She goes to bed a newborn and wakes up the next day as an infant. Overnight she learns how to grab toys, push up on her arms or blow bubbles with her mouth. She's amazing.

But lately she is refusing to sleep. She wakes up every hour. We have tried everything to get her back to sleep - rocking, pacifier, crying, co-sleeping, noise, quiet, light, dark. You name it, we've tried it. And nothing is working.

After we put her to bed Mike and I will be up talking or doing something and as soon as we hear a peep on the monitor we freeze. Like, no words and no movement. Apparently, we think she is like some kind of T-Rex and if we hold real still, she won't know we're awake and she'll go back to bed. And apparently, we think she has these powers through walls and doors. When she is in her own room with the door closed, we still whisper and tip-toe around like burglars.

Anyway, last night when I got up for the 4th (or was it 5th?) time, I started thinking about this blog. And I had such funny things to say. I would make jokes about (gently) kicking Mike when it's his turn to get her. I would write hilarious musings on googling tips to help baby sleep. As I am rocking Lainey I am giggling to myself thinking this is going to be the best blog since telling my lent stories. I crawl back in bed after I get Lainey back to sleep and am excited to blog in the morning.

But this morning, turns out? Not funny.

I started to jot down all my night time ideas here and realized I must have been delirious last night. How is researching noise machines funny? How is groaning, "dad, it's your turn" worth writing about? I have no idea what I was thinking.

She's napping right now and has been asleep for almost 15 minutes. That means I don't have much longer. So let me leave you with some pictures we took of her this weekend. This pretty much makes up for all the sleepless nights.