Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas has come and gone again. We are left with great memories, torn wrapping paper and a bunch of awkward Christmas decorations. I took a lot of pictures this year and I think it's best to let them tell the story.

A few weeks before Christmas my parents were given 4th row tickets to a Jazz game. They were unable to go so they gave the tickets to us. We lucked out because we had 2 tickets but the seat next to us was empty so all 3 of us got a seat. Lainey had so much fun eating arena food and cheering when everyone else did.

She was bouncing around so much I hardly looked up at the game. But when I did and wasn't watching her, this happened..

Girls Gone Wild
 We recorded the game and watched it when we came home. The cameras caught my little girl flashing the players. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it's our own fault for taking her out in public.

A couple days later my mom took us to the aquarium for a penguin encounter. And encounter we did!

Lainey would stick her feet out and call the penguin over by saying "nummy, nummy."

Sometimes I think I have a strange life.
 Then on Christmas Eve Eve we took a ride on the Polar Express (Heber Creeper) to the North Pole. Although Lainey loves Santa she says "no lap."

Who's out the window?

It's Santa!

Here he comes!

A bell! Thanks Santa.

And it's delicious.
Finally, the big day arrived. And Christmas with a toddler takes FOREVER. She wanted to open and play with everything as soon as she unwrapped it. It was taking so long, in fact, that we still haven't opened our stockings. However, her favorite Christmas present wasn't even a present at all....

Yay, a playhouse

Oh, batteries! Thanks!

Look, I got blocks!

Alright, now how should I organize these?

Oh boy, another present - dad will you set it up while I work with the batteries?

Perfect, thank you.

Vroom, vroom

Look, no hands!

Ok that was fun, but these batteries aren't going to sort themselves.

Any ideas what I can get her for her birthday?
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Year and A Half

Lainey is now one and a half! I can't believe this much time has gone by. Mike and I have been raising a little human for 18 months. *High five* I have to say too that I think we are doing a hell of a job too. She's funny, happy, healthy, sweet and creative. She's shy around adults and outgoing around other kids. Oh, and Mike and I are good too. Mike is training like crazy and participating in all sorts of stupid, life-threatening races. And me? Well, I'm just happy to be a mom, wife and occasional housekeeper.
I write more on Facebook than here, so to try to re-cap the last 6 months here are some of my favorite status updates:

Jan 2: This time last year we were just a "table for two."

Jan 6: Get ready Micky Mouse. 21 Bogi are heading your way!

Jan 13: What to do on the last night in my 20's? How about watch a movie in bed and fall asleep by 10:30.

Jan 26: Lainey hit a milestone in gym today: she went thought the entire class without putting her mouth on any of the equipment!

Feb 6: Maybe I need a new 'do. When looking through a magazine with Lainey she pointed to Justin Beiber and said "mom"

Feb 22: Lainey will eat lotion, chapstick and soap and tonight she tried to chew a used diaper. And yet she doesn't want my cooking. What does that say?

Mar 1: Me: Lainey, where is your eye? Lainey: *points to her eye* Me: Where is your nose? Lainey: *puts finger in her nose* Me: Where is your mouth? Lainey: *puts said finger in my mouth*

May 17: Why do I bother to clean while Lainey's awake? I end up cleaning the same thing over and over. I've rubbed the counters so much I swear they're getting shorter

May 24: Cancun: I had about a million nachos, Mike had about a million margaritas and Lainey went down the waterside about a million times. We all got what we wanted.

May 30: Lainey now says no. It's the cutest, sing-songy no. I wonder when this will stop being cute.

June 26: Took Lainey to her first movie today. She laughed, sang, squealed and rode the arm rest like a horse. She had so much fun in fact, that we had to leave early.

A quote I read recently says "A good mom has sticky floors, a dirty oven and happy kids." That sure rings true for us....

Yep, that's us.