Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Year and A Half

Lainey is now one and a half! I can't believe this much time has gone by. Mike and I have been raising a little human for 18 months. *High five* I have to say too that I think we are doing a hell of a job too. She's funny, happy, healthy, sweet and creative. She's shy around adults and outgoing around other kids. Oh, and Mike and I are good too. Mike is training like crazy and participating in all sorts of stupid, life-threatening races. And me? Well, I'm just happy to be a mom, wife and occasional housekeeper.
I write more on Facebook than here, so to try to re-cap the last 6 months here are some of my favorite status updates:

Jan 2: This time last year we were just a "table for two."

Jan 6: Get ready Micky Mouse. 21 Bogi are heading your way!

Jan 13: What to do on the last night in my 20's? How about watch a movie in bed and fall asleep by 10:30.

Jan 26: Lainey hit a milestone in gym today: she went thought the entire class without putting her mouth on any of the equipment!

Feb 6: Maybe I need a new 'do. When looking through a magazine with Lainey she pointed to Justin Beiber and said "mom"

Feb 22: Lainey will eat lotion, chapstick and soap and tonight she tried to chew a used diaper. And yet she doesn't want my cooking. What does that say?

Mar 1: Me: Lainey, where is your eye? Lainey: *points to her eye* Me: Where is your nose? Lainey: *puts finger in her nose* Me: Where is your mouth? Lainey: *puts said finger in my mouth*

May 17: Why do I bother to clean while Lainey's awake? I end up cleaning the same thing over and over. I've rubbed the counters so much I swear they're getting shorter

May 24: Cancun: I had about a million nachos, Mike had about a million margaritas and Lainey went down the waterside about a million times. We all got what we wanted.

May 30: Lainey now says no. It's the cutest, sing-songy no. I wonder when this will stop being cute.

June 26: Took Lainey to her first movie today. She laughed, sang, squealed and rode the arm rest like a horse. She had so much fun in fact, that we had to leave early.

A quote I read recently says "A good mom has sticky floors, a dirty oven and happy kids." That sure rings true for us....

Yep, that's us.  

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