Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pete and Repeat are in a Boat...

I decided Lainey and I needed some socialization so I signed us up for classes at the Little Gym. Our first class was Monday and as soon as we got there Lainey was super excited. She wasn't shy with the other kids, moms or the teacher. She loved exploring all the different things to climb on (and put in her mouth). So much so that she wasn't fully interested in paying attention to the little exercise activities we were supposed to be doing. She wanted to be free. But she hung in there with me for a little while until she just couldn't anymore.

We started an exercise where we all sat in a circle and held on to a long elastic jump rope. Then we were to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and move the string to our feet and back up, like rowing a boat (get it?). Well, Lainey decided she absolutely had to go exploring and so she crawled away. There I was, a lone adult in a circle with kids and parents while my girl was off tasting another gym apparatus. I wasn't sure what I should do. Should I go get her? Should I stay here and finish the exercise? What do you think I did?

I kept rowing.

And after the second round of singing and rowing our boats I looked around and saw that Lainey was watching me and laughing. Oh really, Lainey? You think that's funny? Fine, you win this one. But I've got the perfect dress to wear as a chaperone to your first middle school dance. Oh yes I do.

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